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Warren Goulding - Author and Journalist
Journalist and Author, Warren Goulding

For more than four decades Warren Goulding has worked as a journalist and newspaper publisher, beginning in Toronto, Saskatchewan for 30 years and now on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. In the mid-1990s he was the court and police reporter for the StarPhoenix. During his time in this position he covered such high-profile cases as the Robert Latimer murder trial in 1994 and the triple murder trial of John Martin Crawford.

Warren Goulding’s work has appeared in Canadian publications including: Macleans, the Globe & Mail, and various Southam newspapers. He has also written for the Hong Kong Sunday Morning Post and several business magazines in Canada.  He spend 20 years with Eagle Feather News, a Saskatoon-based Aboriginal publication that circulates throughout Saskatchewan.

In 1999 he began work on Just Another Indian: A Serial Killer and Canada’s Indifference. This book was published by Fifth House/Fitzhenry & Whiteside in April 2001. It quickly became a Saskatchewan bestseller and has reached an audience from coast to coast.

Just Another Indian is Warren Goulding’s attempt to more fairly portray the victims of a serial killer for what they were: daughters, mothers and sisters with families who loved them and not merely women who were consider by some people as disposable due to their vulnerability as a result of race or social status. The book also exposes the media and police indifference to these victims and their families.

Just Another Indian: A Serial Killer and Canada’s Indifference won a 2001 Saskatchewan Book Award in the Non-Fiction category. In 2003 Warren Goulding was honoured with the Social Justice Award from the Alberta-based Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women.

Now semi-retired but actively writing and continuing his interest in issues affecting Indigenous people, Goulding plans to release a children’s book in 2021 with a novel also scheduled for publication by his Chemainus-based company, Askew Creek Publishing.

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